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Homeopathy - Natural, Effective, Safe

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathic treatment

Homeopathy is an effective system of medicine that uses a wide variety of substances in dilute doses to stimulate the body’s natural ability to heal itself. This system has been in use for over 200 years and first cam eto New Zealand in 1849.

How are homeopaths trained?

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Homeopaths have undergone an extensive period of training (at least four years) either in New Zealand through NZQA accredited courses or through homeopathic colleges overseas. The

New Zealand Council of Homeopaths (NZCH) is the professional body responsible for upholding professional standards and maintaining the register of homeopaths.

What is involved when visiting a homeopath?

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Selecting a benfecial homeopathic medication (known as a remedy) that will be effective for your symptoms involves the homeopath enquiring about your current compaints and your personal and family health history. This process may take some time and be quite different from what you may have encountered with other health professionals, as an understanding of the wholeperson is necessary before a prescription can be made. Remember small symptoms, which you may think are odd or unusual may help your homeopath to select a more accurate homeopathic medication for you.

Why consult a homeopath?

Because homeopathy stimulates the body to heal itself, homeopaths are often consulted for a wide range of health issues. These include acute illnesses and injuries as well as recurrent or chronic complaints.

What do I need to avoid during treatment?

You may be asked to avois things like coffee or peppermint while undergoing treatment. Sometimes strong smelling substances can antidote or negate the action of the subtle remedy. Your homeopath will give you guidance on this and how to take your remedy. If your are currently taking conventional medication you should advise your homepath. And of course any changes to your medication should involve aconsultation with your GP or specialist.

What effects will I notice?

These, too, vary for individuals. You may notice an immediate improvement in some of your symptons or it may take a few weeks before you can see or feeel any improvements. Sometimes people experience a return of symptoms they had some time ago. These are usually short-lived and pass within a day or two. If you experinece anything that is distressing or debilitating, it is important thaat you contact your homeopath.

Is homeopathy covered by health insurance?

It may be please check with your insurance provider as some insurance companies will cover the cost of homeopathic consultations.